The SEO Applied to Graphic Design

The graphic design of your site has a significant influence on the chances of getting a good position in search results on Google or Yahoo. “Search Engine Optimization or SEO is all that one can “tune” on the website, so it is better positioned in the “search engines.” For the criteria of search engines (“search engine”), what counts not whether the site is beautiful or ugly. The value is in another “technical” approach to the derivatives that are the graphic design of the page.

For example, when a website has an “Introduction”, based on an animation made with the “Flash”, then probably the owners of the website will be very proud of the aesthetics of their presentation. However, the chances of that page is listed among the top ranks of search results on Google or Yahoo are very low.

The main reason is that programs which make motion graphics such as Flash, are designed to generate “self closed” files.This means that while doing a search, Google can not see the text of the animation or audiovisual. Therefore, it can not identify the contents of that page and you can not show it.

In other words, the performance of Google and Yahoo depends on the ability to “inspect” the content and programming of web pages. In this way, while using Internet search engines, get answers related to the explicit text of the content of the pages that we can review.

Programs such as “Flash” or others who have animations do not facilitate the work of the search engines. On the contrary, we have a saying that “elusive”, which Google, Yahoo or other search engines ignore pages developed by these programs.

What does this mean in terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? If you need to show animations or audio on your website, in terms of SEO, it is best to submit as part of this page.

That is for the visitor of your website, videos and animations should be an option to view additional information. See an example of how we do this in Cograf. In this way, you “optimize” the design of your page, depending on which search engines can “inspect” and can be listed in search results. If there is only one animation at the beginning of your website, you still have hope that the search engines will find the pages (if the design is the same “best”).

But if the whole site is developed with Flash, it is best do not expect of getting a good ranking in Google or Yahoo. It is very unlike that your visitors come from these places.

Other aspects of design that are contrary to SEO

The use of frames ( “frames” in English) also makes it easier to work with the search engines. The frames are a design that makes a website have a kind of fixed “windows.”

When you arrive at a website there, for example, the top is fixed and changes only when browsing a segment of the interface is very likely that this page has been designed to use frames.

This resource which makes information that is within the “frame” is not a proper website. Accordingly, the information that is within the “frame” does not have a web address, that’s why can not have a link to this information.

In other words, search engines are unable to show these pages: If there is a link that is covered as if they do not exist.

Something similar happens with the images. If for reasons of graphic design have been decided to use certain images in your web page titles, to give them a specific aesthetic character, keep in mind that no search engine can position web pages taking into account their images.

As a part of their strategies for SEO, it is recommended that all significant content of your site should be presented as text and not images, or at least not just as images. The textual content is one of the key element that factor in the search engines to position a website.

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