The 5 Best Places to Find Unique Graphic Tees

As Web 2.0 begins to infiltrate nearly all industries, the realm of unique graphic tees has recently exploded with dozens of online retailers and t-shirt contest sites bursting onto the scene. In this article, I’ll detail the 5 absolute best places to find unique graphic t-shirts.
-Threadless ( This could be called the original t-shirt contest web site. Designs here are all user-created, and new styles appear every week. With a wide range of designs, you’re sure to find something you like. Designs may be too “Whole Foods” for some, but on the whole, these designs will definitely draw some attention.

-Design by Humans- This site is like the artistic, trendy little brother of Threadless. Designs here are also user-created, but one new shirt appears each day. These t-shirts are much more abstract and bold than those at Threadless. With big, trendy, and colourful designs, and a wonderful, supportive community, DBH has to be my favourite site for unique graphic tees. I have 6 t-shirts from DBH in my closet, and have never seen anybody else with the same shirt (and I live in Los Angeles!). If you pride yourself on having a truly unique t-shirt collection, you will go crazy at Design by Humans.

-Shirt.woot- Shirt.woot takes a different approach to attain uniqueness. This site features designs from a large number of designers, but the catch is that they are only available for 24 hours. This unique take on t-shirts ensures both a fresh stream of amazing graphic tees and the assurance that almost no one else will have the same t-shirt as you. Site is supported by a very enthusiastic community of designers and true t-shirt connoisseurs.

-TeeFury- TeeFury has the same concept as Shirt.woot, but the designs here tend to be less humorous, and contain more abstract, wonderful art. Plus, these super-limited edition t-shirts are only $9! Visit this site to jumpstart your t-shirt collection with super cheap, super limited designs.

-Rumplo- While not an actual retailer, Rumplo serves as a wonderful place for people to bookmark their favourite t-shirts from around the Internet. This is where I go to find designs from all of the small, independent retailers that I may not have heard of otherwise. Tees can be sorted by colour, popularity, and newest added. This site is a treasure trove of unique designs that are very hard to find otherwise. Definitely check it out!

After checking out all 5 of these sites, you should be well on your way to building an awesome, unique collection of graphic t-shirts! I guarantee that you will find something that catches your eye in these sites. And if not, then Design by Humans and Threadless will happily take your submission if you think you can do better. Think of the thousands of people that could be wearing your very own designs! Until then, wear your tees, and wear them proudly!