9 Common Sense Tips for Web Design

Bells tinkle overhead as you enter. Clerks are welcoming and displays are alluring. Why not design your website as if it’s a warm inviting shop? Unlock Doors.
Would you shout through the door demanding shoppers’ addresses? Making people register before site entry is just as rude. If it takes awhile for your site to launch, use a loading screen.

2. Dress Suitably.

Fast food eateries use red and yellow to make diners eat and exit quickly. Use colors that blend, and avoid anxious colors. Your site should fit the desired visitor. Also, don’t use Courier on a kiddie site, or Jokerman font on a legal site.

3. Aisles amp; Sections.

Clutter leaves browsers no room to walk around displays. For ease of eye travel, leave white space (not just vertical lines) between columns. Shoppers also shouldn’t think that they’ve wandered into a different store when they stroll from one department to another. Keep your color scheme and header consistent from page to page.

4. Pesky Sales.

Pop up ads are similar to inviting guests in and letting peddlers bully them. Conversely, what if you question a clerk, with no response? To show your site is alive, buttons and links should transform with a mouse click or rollover.

5. Ill Effects.

What if products vanish every time shoppers reach for them? Info that blinks, shrinks or fades should not be dizzying. Remember Pokemon? But what if you had no store lights, just bright displays? Same goes for white text on dark backgrounds. It’s creepy and hard to see.

6. Allow Escape.

Some mall shops do this: camouflage the exit so shoppers keep wandering around in the same shop. There are sites that won’t let you escape with just one click. Unsavory web tactics discourage word-of-mouth ads.

7. Follow Leaders.

Would you design your church like a sports bar? They serve different crowds! Don’t cram your site into another’s design, unless their business is identical. If most stores stock spices in the cake mix aisle, you should too. Use layouts of sites similar to yours.

8. Visit Yourself.

Don’t be a stranger to your own site. It may look okay on your laptop, but test it on someone else’s too. Pull it up in different browsers to ensure visual and functional efficiency.

9. Leave Treats.

Bribe guests to come again by setting aside free download space for screensavers, coupons, etc.